It’s been a busy weekend.  Tyler was in town spending the night at Grandma & Papa’s, so he came visiting.  We took him to the Family Fun Center, but it was a little too overwhelming for him. On the upside, he had a great time and went home tired.

My sis sent down his clogs for their non-skid leather pads.  I got those sewn on as well as the leather soles for Dad’s clogs.  He was very excited to get them.  I really hope he likes them as much as he thinks he will.

(Ravelry details here)

I also did some spinning today.  Yes, they’re terrible pictures.  But it’s late (or early) and I just wanted to get some taken.


It’s resting on the bobbin before I take it off to set the twist.

Oh yes, and I finally cast on the Amanda Hat from Sleepy Eyes Knitting.  This is color #88 “Indigo” in Malabrigo worsted.

(Ravelry details here)

Lastly, a gratuitous Chloe shot.  This is how she appears most of the time…



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