Bun in the Oven & Other Things

Now, before you get all excited, I mean actual bread.  I’ve finally baked a loaf from the new book I bought,  Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  It is what it says, it’s a cookbook that lets you bake yummy bread using very little of your time.  I carved off a hunk of the Master Recipe from the fridge, shaped it, let it rest, and threw it in the oven.  Now, it’s important to note that I didn’t have cornmeal (so it stuck to the stone) and I didn’t follow the directions exactly because, well… I was getting schnockered on cherry-apple cider (of the hard variety from here.  There was a beer tasting at Bear Creek Beers where a friend works, so we went and saw this stuff and oh. my. gosh. is it good!).  But, despite the slightly deformed looks, this little baby was delicious!!

(I think it kind of looks like a cooked Pokemon.  Don’t you?)

Speaking of delicious babies… I finished the pink baby Matinee Jacket (terrible segue, I know).  So, since it was a WIP from 2008 that I had been avoiding… it counts as my Finishing Friday! (Man.. I wish this blog had sound effects!)


Pink Baby Matinee Jacket


Pattern: Garter Stitch Matinee Jacket from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino 2
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly DK Col. 267 “Strawberry”
Needles: Size 3 Addi Turbos
Ribbon: Something I had in the ribbon box.  Looks like a “by the spool” type from JoAnns or Michaels.

This is definitely a fast and easy project when you work on it.  Once I decided to finish it, it took about 3 – 4 days of break/lunch knitting and some chair knitting at home to finish both fronts.  The back had been done for a while.  I think next time, I’d work it in the round with provisional cast ons for the sleeves.  That way I could just kitchener the top and bottoms of the sleeves together using the garter method as shown in Woolly Wormhead’s fantastic book Going Straight.  That book not only has awesome hats, but is my ultimate reference for kitchener stitch these days.

On the Frogging Friday front, I haven’t decided yet.  I have this capelet that’s been bothering me for a bit.  It’s been lounging for quite some time and I’m considering ripping it and re-purposing the yarn into an entrelac stole.  Thoughts?

For next week’s Friday contemplation:

To Finish?

Cargo Pants – These were originally slated for Tyler, but he grew too quickly.  They just need the pockets sewn on and the elastic cut and sewn in.  The major question is, who should they go to once I finish them?  Should I find a small child, or just put them in the baby box to wait for the right recipient?

Finn Socks V2 – These were testing the pattern I wrote up for little baby socks.  I have one completely finished.  Should I knit the other one and find them a baby?

Cabled Coat – Another baby project.  Originally slated for Anthony’s new baby brother, Gavin.  Since I obviously didn’t make that date, should I try to finish it for him before winter is over?  I have the back done and most of one front.  It’s not a hard pattern, but does require concentration.  Plus, it will take me a little time to figure out where I am on that front and untangle the yarn mess that Michelle’s kitten so graciously created by wrestling the attached skein.

The Chicken, the Piggy, and the Shroomy, and the Gnome – I know I need to finish these.  In fact, they’re even felted.  They just require stuffing, sewing, and eyes.  Heck, I could have them finished in a short evening.  Why haven’t I finished them yet?! (I think the Gnomey’s hair fell down the vent.. may have to be creative on that one…)

To Frog?

Comfy Bolero – This one I was very excited about and got sidetracked.  Should I frog it and re-purpose the yarn, or attempt to finish it?

Capelet – The capelet mentioned above.  It was supposed to be to keep me warm during meetings, but I just never got it finished.  The rows have gotten really. really. long. and it’s driving me crazy.  I haven’t touched it in six months at least.  Do I (wo)man up and finish it or frog it and do the entrelac that seems to be on my brain?

Ok, enough of that.  I’m feeling overwhelmed just looking at this small chunk of the list.  Perhaps I’ll just avoid it all and start another project.  I do have a bowtie hanging around my neck (figuritively) that I promised a friend.  I can’t seem to find the yarn that I bought for it.  I may have to go to the yarn shop.  Darn. 😀


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