Passing Through

I know I’ve been quiet this week, but it’s been super busy.  I’ve hardly been home any night this week.

Monday… What did I do Monday?  Oh yeah!  Monday was sock club at the Shoppe and I started a pair of Leyburns.

Tuesday was the election, so I stayed home with hubby.

Wednesday I went to Liisa’s and helped her block her amazing Infinity Wrap.

And today (Thursday) was Stitch-In at the Shoppe.  It was super busy!  Sonja’s class was double the size it should have been.  I hardly sat down all night…

Now I’ve got to swap over the laundry and go to bed.  I’m SO glad tomorrow is Friday.

Oh yeah.. Scrapbooking at Michelle’s tomorrow.  Methinks I may have overcommitted this week…

(And I joined this CAL… I think I’m a crazy person!)


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