First FOs of 2009

It’s only the 7th and I have new FOs to share!  Ok, technically only one is actually finished.  The other two are drying and still require finishing bits (non-slip pads, magnetic closures, etc.).  But nonetheless, they’re nearly complete.

The Spiderman Slippers for Anthony.  They still need non-slip pads and a little bit of “web” needle felted onto the top.  But they are felted and drying.


Project details on Ravelry.

Yes, they are currently stuffed with sandwich baggies and fiberfill.  For items this small, I have found that is the easiest way to shape them while dryng.

Next up is a new felted lunch bag for me.  Sam and I are trying to be more conscious of money and health, both which are aided by taking lunches to work.  It is currently drying and will require a couple of magnet closures once it is done.  And perhaps a snappy button…


Project details on Ravelry. I used the Brown Bag pattern from, but obviously mine is not brown.

Last, but certainly not least is the Armando Hat, from Sleepy Eyes Knitting, for my hubby.  A friend at Knit Night didn’t like how the colorway worked up (it’s not actually pink, it’s light brown and the flash does bad things to it).  So, she gave it to me.  It’s Malabrigo, how could I say no?


Project details on Ravelry.  Sam is pretty thrilled with his hat and thinks that fingerless mitts would go nicely with it.  I have nearly an entire skein left, so that just might happen.  I’m thinking perhaps some variation on the stitch pattern used in the hat would be nice.  Thoughts?


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