A Rambling Post

I’ve been done with Christmas knitting for 3 days.  In that time, I’ve accomplished a scarflette and a hat.  This is despite the GameCube being out and animal crossing being in front of me.  It’s very hard to resist and has cut into my knitting time.

I don’t have a picture taken of the scarflette yet as it still needs a good blocking.  But I do have one of the hat.


(Ravelry project details here)

Encore Worsted Colorspun in my own design.  I’m thinking of writing this one up for a free pattern.  Any thoughts?  It’s a simple hat with enough change to keep it from being totally mind numbing.  I’ll try to get a better picture of it later.  Perhaps I can get Tyler to stand still long enough for a photo as it is a hat for him.

I’ve also been thinking about 2009 a lot lately.  I’ve seen people starting to gather their resolutions.  I’ve never been much of a New Year’s Resolution person.  I tend to have the “Twos” issue.  Jobs are boring within 2 years, diets usually lose momentum after 2 months, and projects are boring in 2 minutes, 2 days, or 2 weeks depending on the type of project.

On the flip side of that, I’ve been spending a lot of time contemplating the hazardous state of my craft room (I just try not to open the door) and the overall chaotic state of my brain.  I feel like 2009 could be a really great year if I just can stay on course.  But I tend to be like a herd of calves.  If they get out of the gate, it’s hell to round them up.  That’s how my brain is.  It hits an idea (the gate), goes through it at full charge, darts off in all different directions and finally falls off a cliff while running at full speed.

So what’s a girl to do?  Do I make resolutions and then feel guilty about not keeping them?  Do I just let it go like I did last year and then feel guilty for not making them?  Or do I just hurl myself, screaming, off the back porch and hope for the best?

Another thought comes to mind (again with the scattered brain).  It’s all the little things adding up that are driving me up the wall.  They all seem insignificant, like grains of sand, but when you combine them, you end up buried.  There’s so much I want to get done,  mostly home improvement-wise.  But I work full time and it’s hard to find time to get it all done.  But if I don’t work, we can’t afford the improvments.  How I hate the double-edged sword!

Well, enough rambling.  I forgot where I was going with this topic and have seemed to wander off.  This post is like one of those Family Circus cartoons where Billy takes the long way home.  So, your cookie for reading ALL the way to the end… A picture of Tyler in his Christmas sweater.  Isn’t he adorable?


(Ravelry project details here)


One thought on “A Rambling Post

  1. Just do what I’m doing…resolve not to make any resolutions! :o) It’s so much less stressful! No expectations! You know the quote…if at first you don’t succeed…lower your standards!

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