When I’m Done With Holiday Knitting

That phrase keeps coming out of my mouth. There’s so much I want to do that is being held up by holiday knitting. But I’m nearly there!

I have a pair and a 1/3 of house socks to finish. I need to knit a full earflap hat and add pom-poms to it and its counterpart. I need to felt Tyler’s slippers and sew the zipper into his cardigan. There are still soles to be sewn onto said slippers as well as Dad’s clogs. Plus little bits and bobs of finishing on a few different projects. It’s just a lot that is culminating in the next week.

But, as soon as the holiday is over. I’m going to knit something for ME!  The question will be, what to do first?  Hm….

We got gypped on snow.  No 4″, not even 1″.  It all got delivered to the northern part of the state instead.  It must have been sent UPS…


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