Deadlines & News

I’ve had a lot of deadlines lately, both at work and crafting.

With the new system (v4.2) in place this, it’s been an interesting week.  So, to make things even more interesting, they decided to do an accessory sale.  5,425 pricing updates. So, I get it all ready to go, things are going swimmingly, and… they decide to fix a minor glitch in the upload process (one that doesn’t affect the sale!!!!).

You all know what’s coming… They break it.

The day before I need to load pricing and they break the upload function.  Now it’s not like we’re crazy swamped right now, but I am still busy.  Hand-updating 5,425 prices in 3 different places is not my idea of a good time.

Well, they worked on it and they worked on it and we kept testing it to no avail.  All day Friday the worked on it, with me crossing my fingers and praying that they’d get it fixed.  Finally, at 3:15pm, they fix it. Gee, thanks…

I got it all uploaded in batches like it needed to be and corrected errors.  I have to say I’m not thrilled with pushing this big a load through the feeds so quickly, but I haven’t gotten any screaming phone calls yet.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  I was there until 6:30pm and then Sam took me out to sushi to make it all better (he’s a great guy).

On a happier note, the Clapotis was finished on deadline!  Jason picked it up the night before their anniversary trip from the yarn shop (where Sonja graceously steam blocked it on the fly).  I think it turned out very lovely.  The yarn is soft and squooshy, the length is perfect, and if it wasn’t such a repetitive pattern, I might make myself one.  So, here it is.  Bask in the glory of Clapotis.

(Ravery Details)

I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but I was in a hurry.  Jason has promised me pictures of Jessica wearing it (Are you listening Jason?  This means you!).

In other news, here is the rest of the story.

Chloe has taken up interior decorating. Apparently my house does not have enough coffee grounds, pieces of moldy bread or shredded wrappers in the kitchen and living room.  She calls it “Art Dogo”.

My garden is giving the last of its meager bounty.  I got two lovely white eggplants out of this week.  I’m still not sure what the squash is (it could be a pumpkin!) but the frost we had yesterday and today probably did it in.  Eh, oh well.

I finished Rainbow Warrior for the October Sideways Hat KAL.  It took 4 days and I loved it.  I was a rebel and used Wisdom Yarns Poems instead of Noro Kureyon.  The small took one skein, but I bet the other sizes would take more towards two.

I walked out the yarn shop with it on and was stopped by the handyman, Jason (different Jason than above).  He thought it was the coolest hat he’d ever seen.  I had him try it on and it fit so well I let him keep it.  It looks way better on him than it did on me.

(Ravelry Details)

I think that’s about all I’ve got.  That’s my week in reflection.  This weekend is going to be a busy one.  Today we’re raking up the rest of the bark and I’m taking Dad out to a movie (Journey to the Center of the Earth).  And we’re moving my sister from Klamath Falls to Roseburg on Sunday.  Max is doing much better after the horrible vet scare (I’m not going into it here), but he’s still not totally himself.

Oh, and don’t forget, I’m going to Louisiana next week.  Got any suggestions for places I must visit?


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