Deals and Laughter

Ok, so I’ve been the bargain hunting queen lately.  More to come on the big things when I get them into my hot little hands.. but so far, I scored a Sizzix machine with alphabet and numbers at a yard sale for $6.  As well as a couple of tablecloths, a neat bag, a vase, several books, some old sheet music, and some doilies to undo and use for a repair for $2.  I also got a set of Ashford hand carders for $30!!  Brand new, never used! (I found those on Craig’s List, but purchased them while yard saleing).

I’ve found a lot of my good deals (some that are pending) on Craig’s List.  But I’ve also gotten a lot of good laughs.  The spelling cracks me up for one thing.  Many listings tote “prity” items for “sail”.  So, today I present, the funniest of my local Craig’s List.

Fix my computer for excellent surf and turf dinner

My husband was drunk and he deleted most of the drivers, whoops!!! Need windows reinstalled. I cook like you wouldn’t believe


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