It Goes Sew-Sew

Ok, bad pun, I know.

Yesterday was a rough day.  Not only was it the first day back after a 4 day weekend, but to top it all off, I got rear-ended.  I’m not hurt and my car is fine.  I was number #2 in the bumping.  A teenager hit a little old lady and caused her to hit me.  The little old lady was taken to the hospital with neck pain, but I think she’ll be ok.  I’ve already got my DMV report filled out and I know I’ll be sore for a couple days.  My awesome mechanic is going to check out the car tonight to make sure it’s ok.  So at least that’s all in hand.

I felt like such a grown-up (stop laughing!).  After being hit on a busy highway, I had the sense to pull into the refuge lane, turn off my car, and turn on my hazards.  I immediately called 911 because there was more than one car involved and it’s a busy highway.  I checked on the other drivers and got the help that was needed.  By the time the cops showed up, I had all of our information exchanged.  And I didn’t even cry.  It was a rough experience, but at least I know I’m more control these days.

Ok, enough of that.  On to more interesting things!

I had a sewing fit last night.  (It’s Ladybean‘s fault.  I blame her.)  Since my machine was still out from Kenneth’s blanket, I decided to work on some of the projects that I have fabric for.  I started with the reusable sandwich wrap.  The tutorial is from The Small Object and is fabulous.  You use this in place of all of those little Ziploc baggies.  You help the environment and keep the yucky plastic away from your food.  When it gets gross, you just throw it in with the laundry.  My sewing skills don’t do the tutorial justice.  Be sure to check out her site for much better examples.  There’s also a secondary post on it here using different things for liners.

This first sandwich wrap is in John Deere fabric for Tyler.  I figured he wouldn’t mind if it was a little deformed.  The hardest part is getting the octagon cut out.  I think I’m geometrically challenged…

Second, I made a diaper and wipes case.  This clever little case can double as a changing mat in a pinch.  The tutorial is from Blessed Roots and can be found here.  I used flannel on the inside and cotton for the outside and pocket.  My button is a little off center, but I still think it turned out pretty good.

For someone who only sews about twice a year, I think I did ok.  It took me a bit to remember how to use the button-hole function on my machine, but I finally mastered the stupid thing.

Lastly, I have been spinning a bit lately.  This stuff is hand-dyed merino that I dyed in the crock pot.  It’s been hanging in the bathroom setting the twist for around 2 weeks.  I finally got around to taking it down and photographing it.

I need to order more bobbins because I have stuff on all of mine now.  Sigh.  Patience is not a virtue that I enjoy having, but it is a necessary evil.  I just have to remember to actually place the order…


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