Blog Montage

The past week and holiday weekend have been super crazy.  I took Friday off and had Monday off already (one of my six paid holidays a year).  Kenneth came over on Thursday night and we had a whirlwind weekend of shopping, painting, and moving.  No, I am not moving.  But apparently everyone else is.  Here is a brief rundown of the last few days.  I think today I’ll do something nice and relaxing, like vacuuming and dishes…

My sister is moving to either Eugene or Roseburg.  We’ll know more when Rob hears back from the 2nd interview.  We painted her fence on Saturday.  I hate painting outdoors.  Especially fences. The upside is we get to babysit the lawn tractor.  Kenneth was excited because it has a dump trailer for moving the rocks during our landscaping project.  He was not excited that I kept taking pictures of him.

The yarn shop has moved to a new (fabulous!) location and will re-open on Friday.  More details here.  Kenneth helped with the move and was really awesome.  My stomach disagreed with Steve’s sandwiches and I spent the evening in my chair looking pathetic.  I missed Liisa and Shanti’s awesome party, too.  It was a very depressing Sunday night…  On the upside, Kenneth is now outfitted with stylish duds and is my personal yard slave for the next month.  MUHAHAHAHAH!

He also has a new blanket to keep at our house.  The quilt is much too short for him and purple to boot.  He need a nice, fuzzy, manly blanket.

And he made it himself! (with a little help…)

I was very, very naughty at the yarn shop Sidewalk Sale.  We won’t talk about how much it was, but look, yarny goodness! (The last picture isn’t from the Sidewalk Sale, but I did get it this weekend.  I couldn’t resist the colors…)

Also, I finished these.  I can’t remember when, exactly, but it was before Saturday.  I think they’ll go to a co-worker whose wife just had a little boy.  They’re another great pattern from Sylver.


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