In Transition

There has been much goings-on this week.  Kenneth came over and helped with yard work all week.  My weeds have been pulled, the lawn has been mowed, and there is a good start on prepping the side yard for its new look.  For all of his hard work, Kenneth got paid and after helping with newsletters at the yarns hop, he got a new hair cut too.  This is him, pre-haircut, in a photo I managed to snap among many protests.

He wasn’t too upset though, because I made him this cool skull wrister. (The picture is a bit fuzzy because he kept moving.)

There are plans to borrow him in the coming weeks for ongoing yard maintenance and improvement.  First, we will be borrowing him over Labor Day to help move the yarn shop to its new location. 

What?! You haven’t heard?  Go read here.  I’ll wait.

Done?  Good.

Second, I’ve been spinning again.  It’s been a while and it took a little bit for it to come back.  I finished what was on my bobbin (some merino roving I dyed) and navajo plied it (badly).  Then I got out the lovely alpaca that Robin gave me.  OMG!  You have no idea how soft and lovely this stuff is.  It spins like a dream.  If Merino is the sirloin of the fiber world, this stuff is the filet mignon.

Sadly, I’ve run out of bobbins and I need to order some more before I can spin up the last of the alpaca and 3-ply it.  I’ve already e-mailed Fricke to get another bobbin (or two), so unfortunately spinning will be on hold for a bit. (Pictures of the fiber-y goodness will come eventually.  I don’t feel like getting up to take photos at the moment.)

In the meantime, I’ve started Vlora for the August Woolly Wormhead KAL.  I know I’m a bit late on this, but I plan to finish it before the month is over.  I think it will end up going to my adopted neice for her birthday or as a starting school present.  She’s very into things that are stylish and I think this fits the bill.  We’ll see if it passes the muster with the Queen of Fashion.

If I’m a bit absent this week, know it’s because I’m very busy.  I’ll try to post, but I have many different time demands this week.  In case you don’t believe me, here’s a brief run down of this week’s schedule.

Monday, I will be watching Michelle’s boys.  Tuesday or Wednesday I will be taking a friend’s daughter school clothes shopping.  Thursday is yarn night (duh!).  Friday we will have Kenneth again.  Saturday is the yarn shop Sidewalk Sale (SQUEEE!!!).  And Sunday begins the big yarn shop move.  (Did I mention I have a full time job, too?  I may be a bit crazy next week.  If you approach me, bring coffee.  It’s for your own safety.)


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