Obessesion & Indecision

Sounds like a bad movie, doesn’t it?


(Not by Calvin Klein)

Well, I finished up the last version of the booties.  The Crossover Mary Jane’s are in lime and teal Encore with fun buttons from my stash.

(Ravelry Project Details)

I also finished a pair of adult Skimmers for my sister’s ginormous (size 11) feet.  Surprisingly, these only took 2 days to complete.

(Ravelry Project Details)

I’m taking a break from the skimmers and booties, mainly to make my wrist stop screaming at me.  Instead, I started carrying the Rust Cabled Coat around with me.  Today during my breaks, lunch, and my evening knitting time, I was able to complete the back around halfway.

I’m pleased with how it is turning out.  I think the Cleckheaton 8-Ply was an excellent choice.  The wool is soft and warm and makes the texture really pop.  I think this will turn out rather nicely, assuming I can seam it without killing myself…


I want to make a sweater for me.  This is an ongoing battle with myself.  I want a warm, comfy sweater that’s not too heavy and something that will go with a lot.  A sweater I can leave at work for meetings in the Jimi Hendrix conference room (aka the refrigerator).  But this turns into a fruitless search for a sweater that I think will look nice one me, fit well, and be fun to knit.  Then, once I think I’ve found something, I can’t decide on the yarn.  Within a day or two, I’ve scrapped the whole thing and I’m pining over making myself a sweater all over again.  All of the baby projects are just bandaids for the deeper knitting needs that torture my soul.  Why do I struggle so?  I know part of it is the cost.  It takes a lot of yarn to put around a big body, which leads to the next problem, what size to make?  And then, the dreaded measurements.  That is always follwed with…

Is it too small in the chest?  Is it big enough in the hips?  Will I look pregnant in it?  Will I go to all that work and then hate it?

Sigh… What should I do?  It’s keeping me up at night and drives me to distraction during the day.  Am I doomed to be without a hand knit sweater that I love?


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