Tightly Wound

So, it’s 12:25am, and what am I doing?  I’m blogging.  Every time I close my eyes it’s like all the traffic lights are suddenly green and all the cars are going in my brain.  I can’t stop the flood of thoughts that comes rushing through.  I wish I had an off switch so I could sleep.  This marks #4 in a week of nearly sleepless nights.  It’s not like work is incredibly stressful right now, either.  We’re finally caught up to where we need to be, I’m ahead of schedule or at least on time on my weekly tasks, and new people are being trained (and not by me!).  So, why can’t I sleep?  Even when I do get to sleep I have weird dreams, wander all over the bed (and nearly off it) and wake up multiple times.  Oh well, I guess I’m destined to be a zombie this week.  In the meantime…

Look!  Knitting!

I finally got around to finishing the entrelac baby blanket I’ve had nearly complete for around a year.  It’s just been waiting for the perfect buttons.  I found them last week and for half price too!  The Zebras really compliment the striping of the yarn.  I think it’s pretty darn cute.

(Ravelry Project Details)

I also finished Shea’s hooded vest (one Christmas present down!) except for the buttons.  I haven’t yet found the perfect buttons, but I have until December, so I’m not too worried.

(Ravelry Project Details)

I also finished Tyler’s deer.  He had his 2nd birthday party last weekend and the deer was definitely a hit.

(Ravelry Project Details)

My sister made an amazingly cute Cars cake too!

(I love how the tractors are all on their backs.)

The biggest hit of Tyler’s birthday, by far, was his present from Grandma and Papa.  His very own trampoline!

I hear it is still set up in the living room.  My sister says she’ll take it down and put it outside once the new has worn off.  I see it living there for many months… 😀

Lastly, I’ve started a pair of Baby Mary Jane Skimmers from Sylver.  This are sooo cute and work up really fast.  The first one took me around an hour, and that was with watching Futurama and ripping it back a couple times because I read the wrong size.  No pictures yet, but know they are just as cute as in the picture.  I also bought the pattern for the adult size and have two requests for pairs already.  I think there will be many of these in my future as Christmas presents.

Well, Chloe is ready to come back in from the yard and I should try to get more sleep.  At least I’ve got the blog post guilt off my mind.  Hopefully I can get some sleep…


One thought on “Tightly Wound

  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy. Sleepless nights are horrible. Don’t feel alone, we’ve been having sleepless nights here too. Maybe something in the air? I don’t know. I really hope you get more sleep though.

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