I worked on phase 2 of the craft room projec today.  It involves a lot of denial and avoidance.  The house is still a disaster and I am a little frustrated that I didn’t get more done (even though I’m not surprised).  Currently, I am reclaiming yarn from projects that I will never finish.  I deconstructed several WIPs that have been in the Box since high school.  It’s very freeing to unravel those and send the yarn on to bigger and better things (Caps for Kids in this case).

On the upside, Dad installed a pots and pans drawer and a garbage can drawer for me today.  They’re both very nice and work well.  It’s one in a long line of steps towards making our kitchen a bit more usable.  That makes another cupboard I don’t have to crawl into to get to things in the back of it.

Well, back to winding yarn and ripping out projects.  We won’t discuss the current state of rooms outside of this one for now.  At least the craft room is looking tidy…


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