What the Doctor Ordered

A belated Happy Birthday to America.  I’m not going to get into my feelings about the current state of this country.  Instead, I’m going to distract you with pictures and nerdiness.

Lately we’ve been very into Doctor Who.  Sam has procured the rest of this season for me a bit early and the ending is fantastic.  To make it an even deeper experience, Doc, a friend of ours gave us a DVD with Genesis of the Daleks on it.  I believe it features the 4th Doctor and it gives the background on the Daleks and their creator, Davros.  This ties into the finale for the current season of Doctor Who.  I’m really glad that we watched the Genesis first.  If you can, do it!  Doc also gave us the first season of Torchwood.  It’s an excellent spin-off and a bit grittier than I was expecting.  Nonetheless, Captain Jack is handsome and debonair as usual.  You do get to see a little bit into his past/future/present (never sure on the timeline with him) and the supporting characters are well cast.  Definitely worth the watching, but not for the faint of heart or those who can’t handle swearing and sex.

Anyway, back to the holiday weekend…

On Friday, everyone showed up at my house for a bbq.  We enjoyed good food, good company, and lots of laughter.  Tyler was his usual energetic self and fully enjoyed the little pool I set up for him.

I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, Tyler or Apollo.

You can see videos and listen to the laughter here.

Saturday, we went out to Mom and Dad’s and unloaded the last 3 ton of hay.  With the help of my sister and brother-in-law, it went very quickly.  Dad still insisted on helping, but he didn’t hurt himself nearly as bad this time.  Chloe had a good time playing with the dog pack and we spent a lazy evening at home watching Torchwood.

Sunday, we had a mini date and saw Hancock.  Definitely a good movie.  It’s nice to see Will Smith play an asshole once in a while.  He’s always so charming and arrogant in his movies that this was a nice change.  Definitely a good one to see in the theater, but not something I would take my mother to… if you get my drift.

On the yarn front, I finished the first Raindrop Lace sock.

I’m sick of the yarn and pattern, so I decided to finally break into my STR stash.  Let me tell you… STR really does rock.  It’s incredible how fast socks go when you’re in love with the yarn.  It feels good in my hands and it knits up beautifully.  I will post socks when I get one of the socks done.  I’m doing a toe-up pattern of my own design.  It’s just a simple stitch, but it’s turning out nicely.  When I finish this pair, I’m going to go wild with my first KP Sock Blank that I dyed up.

I believe I’m having a bout of Sock Madness.  I’m afraid there is no cure except knitting socks and acquiring more sock yarn.  Oh dear, whatever will I do?


2 thoughts on “What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Ooooo…a Doctor Who fan! I am waiting to see episodes 10-13 until they air on TV….I want this season to last as long as possible since we won’t have another for a while. I will have to make due with my DVDs and start watching Torchwood.

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