I was grumpy and unpleasant today.  I didn’t get much sleep and then I got up and went into work at 7am for Weight Watchers, only to learn I’d gained 2lbs.  Not a good way to start the day.  Three (large) cups of coffee later, I hadn’t bitten anyone.  After lunch and 3 meetings, I was starting to perk up a little, just in time to go home.

I’m having major shopping cravings because I’m feeling depressed.  Unfortunately, there is no Paula here to go with me and tell me it’s ok to buy things.  That depresses me even more.  At least I get to go to the yarn shop tomorrow and be enabled.  Maybe I’ll buy something soft and pretty that I can pet and keep and call George.

On the sock front, I have 2 inches to go before I can decrease for the toe.  Then I have to knit the other one (I’m trying not to think about that too hard).  What’s next?  Who knows.

As for the 4th of July, we’re not going to the coast this weekend as was originally planned.  First we couldn’t find a hotel for the 4th, so we were going to go on the 5th.  Then, Sam’s Little Red Truck needed a visit to Dr. Jason for a little brake job which turned into a BIG brake job.  Long story short, the LRT needs new brakes… new rear brakes.  It won’t be pretty on the pocket book, but in the end it will make driving his truck much nicer.  Oh well, I wasn’t really feeling like a long drive anyway.  Maybe I’ll take the time to work on my craft room some more.  In any case, there will be grilling and steak and yumminess this weekend.  And probably more pain.. There is still 3 ton of hay waiting to be unloaded.

Maybe I’ll get a couple skeins of yarn…


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