A Lack of Oxygen

I am back at work today.  As most of you don’t know, I spent yesterday in my recliner, high on Benadryl in a feeble attempt to breathe.  Today, I am on slightly less effective (and fun) drugs and I’m back at work.  I came in this morning to discover that my manager didn’t listen to his voicemail yesterday, and therefore, the time sensitive items that I left *very* specific instructions on did *not* get done.  This doesn’t just affect our department, this affects the entire company from Merchandising to User Interface.  I was a little miffed, but managed to control myself.  So, not only am I behind on catalogs, but I’m having to update things manually in 4 systems constantly to keep up with live advertisements.  HARRUMPH!  Irritating to say the least.

Oh well, there’s not enough oxygen flowing through my body right now for me to be both angry and productive, so I have to choose the latter and just get things done.  So, now that I’m done venting, look at these links.  These are all now on my to do list.  I just need to get my craft room organized (HAH!) first.  Check out the other videos from ThreadBanger after watching the apron one.  I especially like the one about pet beds and spring cleaning.

Video: Apron from Jeans

Tutorial: Apron from a Pillow Case

Tutorial: Lunch Sack

Cool Book: Survival Sewing

More fun: Tyler and Sam rockin’ out with Chloe playing backup on the squeaky toy. (Sorry for the poor quality, it was a spur of the moment video taken on my digital camera with bad lighting.)

And look!  I’m still knitting…

SWTC Tofutsies in color 801 “Toe to Toe”.  Pattern is my own creation based on the Chevron & Feather stitch pattern from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year calendar.


2 thoughts on “A Lack of Oxygen

  1. I can’t believe you’re back to work already. You sounded not so great yesterday on the phone. I hope you get better. Shame on those managers!

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