May Has Arrived!

It’s May!!! I know, I’m as shocked as you are that I made it through April alive. As a reward for all of the overtime, the company sent us bowling yesterday. I won the award for “Fling’n & Bling’n” aka most artistic bowling technique. The judges were impressed by my hard throwing, sliding/surfing/leaning technique. I’m just thrilled that I broke 60 on both games (76 and 97)! My prize? Some “bling” from the dollar store. It’s a plastic silver chain with a dollar sign hanging from it. Oh yeah, I totally pimped my cube with that prize.

I also have finished a project already for May! Last night I knit the elephant pacifier clip from Itty Bitty Nursery. This one is for Miles who is an incredibly adorable 3 months old and was so well behaved for being passed from person to person at Chika’s birthday party. After having to wash the passie 3 times from being spit on the floor, I decided he definitely needed this.

I call him “Paci-Fant”. He’s made from organic cotton from FibraNatura’s Cottonwood line. The colors are blue and Austin. I made one modification to the original pattern. Instead of sewing the pacifier on, I added snaps to make for easy removal and sanitation of the pacifier. I just can’t see it getting clean enough in the washing machine… I’m already working on the flower version in two shades of pink in the same yarn. Total time to make the elephant was about 3 hours, including sewing on the snaps. I think the flower will take a bit longer due to all the fiddly bits, but I’m sure it will still work up quickly. With baby season on the horizon, I have a feeling a lot of these will be made over the next few weeks.

I also have a baby blanket on the horizon. Molly is pregnant with number two (she’s got the cutest baby belly!!!!) and has requested a blanket (like she needed ask!). I’m thinking the Moderne Baby Blanket in her requested colors of blues and browns. I’m sure I’ll end up using my signature Plymouth Encore Worsted because it washes and wears so well.

My nephew was also over this past weekend. He is fascinated with birds and loves to watch them. He helped me fill the bird feeder and then spent quite a bit of time standing on the couch, looking out the window at the birds. Chloe joined him, but I think it was because had her frisbee in his hot little hands.

These are my birds.

The red is a new color, but I’m pretty sure it’s a “mating season” coloring. Or, it could be I’ve attracted a new bird this year. Besides these little brown guys I have several doves, a blue bird, and a red winged black bird that frequent the feeder. I’m thinking about getting a bird guide to try and identify these little darlings. Any suggestions?

Lastly, I hit up the Master Gardeners Show last weekend. I bought a few plants in addition to the silver leaf tomatoes, assorted squash, pickling cucumbers, purple bell peppers, and hot peppers that are started in the house. I brought home a white eggplant, a spider flower, a morning glory, a trumpet vine, a several petunias, a sungold tomato and one other vine/flower that I can’t think of right now. I think planting will happen either this weekend or next. My lettuce are doing rather well, so I think I may have to make a second raised bed for the tomatoes. That means there’s a lot of crap in my future… At least it comes in sealed bags!


One thought on “May Has Arrived!

  1. Aww, Tyler is soooooo adorable!!! 🙂 You been bowling? And didn’t kill anybody with a backwards flying ball to the head? Just joking! As for birds guide. . . hmmm. . . I think they have some good ones at Joe’s (formerly G.I. Joe’s), So I’d ask there. 🙂 See you soon to work on your car!

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