Instant Gratification

Just a quick post…  I think I’m in love with the Crochet Dude!  Well, not really… But I am very taken with his patterns!  While watching Good Eats this evening, I completed a set of four flip flop coasters.


I think I’m going to make the set double by making white ones with the thong part in the 4 colors pictured.  I may add yellow and/or purple to the set as well.   These are going to be the sample for a Saturday Market class at the shop.  I’m also planning to make a set for my cousin for her wedding.  And maybe a set for my friend who hosts our Tuesday night SNB.  And maybe a set for… Good grief!  These are addicting!


And then… the Cable Car Hobo bag!!  I’m pretty sure I had a dream about that bag last night.  It will be the perfect thing to go with my new paisley wallet from Torrid.  I picked that up tonight plus a pair of new shoes…   They were plaid, I couldn’t help it!  (I don’t think I should be allowed to go into Torrid alone.  Or with just Paula.  I’m pretty sure there needs to be a husband there to stop me.  It’s like I walk in and my brain is left at the door.)

The Noah’s Ark blanket is nearly complete.  The ship is half done, the Giraffe is almost done, so that just leaves the elephant, the bird, the fish, the turtle, and the rest of the ship.  I’ve also added this to my queue.  Like I said, crochet urges…


3 thoughts on “Instant Gratification

  1. Oh my gosh, those are soo cute! your glasses fit nicely in those. Hmm.. Lol.. see.. this is why sometimes i wish we drank socially, and had friends.. and.. glasses to put on cute things like those. lol. Cute cute cute!

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