Sick Day

I managed a sad 4 hours at work today.  Then I took pages to measure and dragged my sorry self home.  I’m taking a sick day tomorrow.  Sam and I both have the plague that’s going around.  Apparently the Easter visit to my sister’s resulted in all of us picking up the cold that Tyler had.  Thanks for the Easter present, Ty Ty, it’s great…

On the yarn front, I am working on the Noah’s Ark blanket from the cover of the most recent Crochet! magazine.  I have also finished on the little Sky Socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters book.  It’s an absolutely fascinating book.  I also received my sets of 0’s and 1’s from Knit Picks in 16″ circs.  I have not yet decided what sock I want to cast on.  I may just do a plain Jane sock using the Yarn Harlot‘s recipe.  They seem to fit really nicely.  I may also do something out of the New Pathways book.  Decisions, decisions…

Nerd Alert!  We saw the new Stargate movie, the Ark of Truth.  It was very good.  I highly recommend it.


One thought on “Sick Day

  1. Chelsea! Sorry that you’re sick. 😦 That make Jason sad! Plenty of OJ and Chicken Noodle Soup for you! I didn’t know they had a new Stargate movie. Awesome! I’ll have to watch it. Sounds like your projects are just coming right along. Every time I turn around, you’re working on a new one! Go You!

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