Hazelnuts & Sushi

I’m allergic to something.  We’re not sure what it is.  It could be hazelnuts, it could be sushi, or it could be something completely unrelated.  Whatever it is, I’m on heavy duty antihistamines.  The good news is, the rash on my shoulders is almost gone.

It’s already starting to be a long week and it’s only Monday.  I’m going a little nutty these days from the onslaught of hormones.  My body has decided that now would be a good time to have children.  Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t agree.  Frankly, I’m enjoying it being just the two of us.  But, the hormones keep insisting and it’s making me crazy.  I’m an emotional wreck these days.  One minute I’m happy, the next I’m hard and bitchy, and a minute later I’m a sobbing mess.

I’m not meaning to complain.  This is more of a warning.  If you are around me, beware.  I am not stable and there’s nothing they can do for me.  I’m not allowed to have the hormones that would even me out due to the DVT I had two years ago.

So, the solution?  There is none, I just have to endure it and hope that I don’t kill someone in the meantime.  (If you see me coming, hold yarn out in front of you and hope that tames the beast.)


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