A Short Vacation

I write to you today from the very rainy beautiful city of San Francisco, California.  Paula and I drove down here yesterday to pick up her cousin Patty from the airport and have a fun little weekend.  After a 6 hour drive through blinding snow and rain, we arrived (1.5 hours late) to find that Patty’s flight was also late and ended up meeting her at the airport at exactly the right time.

Well, that must have pissed ol’ Murphy off.  He did give us a beautiful rain free day, but this evening it is pouring.  The rain free day allowed us to do a lot of walking and cable car riding and other touristy things.  We saw Ghiradelli Square, Union Square, some pier with historic ships (I forget which one), and China Town.  There was much chocolate, sticky pork bun things (bau?), and one (sigh…) yarn shop.  I also bought beer and wine, which is unusual for me.

More details to come later.  For now I have some lace that it calling my name.  I need to finish Clue 1 of the Secret of the Stole II and get started on Clue 2 before I fall any further behind.


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