New Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday.

As you can tell by lack of posts, I have been incredibly busy. I put in lots of overtime over the last two weeks and have taken off a much needed extra day to make a 5 day weekend. I have spent the first two days of that weekend running around doing last minute shopping and sitting on my butt being lazy. I managed to make through nearly all 4 discs of Dilbert…

This is a year for new traditions. We are all packing up and driving to Klamath Falls on Christmas (tomorrow) to have holiday dinner at my sister’s house. In the nearly 7 years they’ve lived in KF, we’ve never done Christmas at their house. We’re all very excited, especially since Tyler will be old enough to appreciate Christmas this year. (I will go into detail about the awesome gifts that are in store for the family, but that will be after Christmas…)

Besides the snowy drive to KF, Sam and I made egg nog this year. We used the recipe from Good Eats (in Alton Brown we trust). I must say, it turned out rather well. The egg part does a good job of covering up the nog (whiskey) part of it. You can get yourself in trouble rather quickly as Sam discovered. We have also opted for a balloon tree this year.


Yes, it even lights up!

And finally, what is Christmas without a little last minute gift knitting? I still have the soles to put on Tyler’s clogs, but those are easy. I am whipping up a last minute pair of socks for my sister using the new book I purchased (yes, I know, I’m not supposed to buy things for myself for Christmas. My sister has already lectured me. She went a little easy since I got it to make socks for her, but she still scolded me..) called Knitting Circles Around Socks. It’s instructions for knitting socks 2 at a time on 2 circular needles. Now, my big problem with socks is I never feel like knitting the second one. So far, I’m loving this. It’s a little finicky to get started (especially since my circulars won’t relax), but once you get going, it’s very simple. I think that this would work better on softer cables, like those in the Options set. If the Options set doesn’t find it’s way into my stocking this year, it’s going to be in the mail the day after.

For your viewing pleasure, my sister’s socks in progress.

(Heel Side)

(Instep Side)

Since this picture was taken, I have finished the gusset and am now working down the main part of the foot. Because my sister has ginormous feet (size 11 women’s), I will be knitting on the foot for a while. Luckily, she wanted them to have short cuffs!


One thought on “New Traditions

  1. Yay! Looks like you had fun making balloon trees and socks and such! I’m glad you had a good Christmas! Have a great New Years!!!!!! ~JBoMB~

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