Help Me, I’m Dyeing!

I’m so pun-y, someone should stop me.

I just wanted to give a quick update on the dyeing going on at our house. I have successfully dyed a skein of wool!  WOO!!! I was worried. I have a habit of not paying enough attention or not reading the directions fully or just being too darn impatient! This time, none of those things hurt my results. The wool did not felt, the color does not look like crap, and I did not destroy anything in my kitchen. All in all, a great success.

I used the dyeing tutorial from Knitty. You can find it here. Because I am starting to fall asleep a little, (Ambien is wonderful), I will make this brief and picture heavy.

I used Patons Classic Wool for this first attempt. Wilton’s food dye in red and yellow.

Step 1: I re-skeined it into a big skein. You can see my helper there in the background.



Step 2: Soaked it overnight in a vinegar/water solution (sorry, no pictures of yarn spaghetti).

Step 3: Added the color and cooked in the slow cooker until the water was clear. It took a couple of hours and I had to turn the heat down because it was starting to boil. Otherwise, piece ‘o cake.


Step 4: Rinse it and hang to dry.


Step 5: Enjoy. (We’ll get to this step later, when the yarn is completely dry…)

Also, I’ve been painting. I give you my four creations. Look at your own risk…

1740799490_e305866d90_m.jpg 1740805232_8ee305d2fa_m.jpg 1740812126_0ae8d59fe3_m.jpg 1740808174_9a2fea47c4_m.jpg



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