Adventures in Home Improvement

It is October and we are painting our house.  Not the inside, the outside.  No, I have not been committed to the insane asylum yet.  Her royal highness the Borg Queen (aka Maxine) has decreed that we must have our house painted by December 30th.  Like the good little drones we are (actually, I’m not a good drone, but that’s another story…) we are complying.  Once we were assimilated through the mini-blind assault, it was all down hill from there.

Anyway, the house really needed a paint job regardless.  We are painting it mostly the same color.  The base is a grey, but a warmer grey than was already on the house.  The trim is  blue, but more periwinkle than cold slate blue.  We have only a couple areas of trim on the uppermost part of the house left to paint and then it is finished!  Once the house is done, we’re planning to stain the porches a dark brown finish.  That should finish the painting/finish end of things.

While others were painting today (I’m too short to do the parts that are left), I began tackling the task of pruning the shrubs.  These shrubs are bayberries, I think.  They are pokey and hurt-y and generally unpleasant to prune.  Pruning is also not one of my strongest skills.  Nevertheless I am making progress.  I also added some fresh bark (with the help of my husband) and rearranged the rock border.  This is a temporary fix.  The ultimate plan is to redo the front yard (hah!  3×10 area of grass) with rock and such so that it does not require mowing.  I only completed half of this task in the front and I’m sure it’s driving her royal highness crazy.  😀

In the world of yarn, I have been a busy girl.  I picked up a new book at B&N on the clearance table last week.  It’s called Simple Crochet for Cherished Babies.  It has the most adorable patterns in it!  I am currently working on the overalls for my cousin’s wife who is pregnant.  Also in progress for that baby is a neck-down sweater in a self striping yarn from Universal.

On the note of neck-down sweaters, I have finished Destiny’s birthday sweater!  I will post pictures once I get my camera back from my sister.  I have purchased the yarn for Kenneth Allen’s neck-down birthday sweater and will cast that on once the baby one is finished.

I also received my order from KnitPicks a couple days ago.  I got 5 skeins each of Shadow in two colors, Vineyard Heather and Jewels Heather.  The Vineyard has already been cast on for a Pi Shawl for Gramma for Christmas.  I’m already past the increase to 288 stitches.  It’s going very quickly and is quite addicting.

And last but not least, I have lost a few more pounds.  That brings my total lost to 23lbs!  WOO!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Home Improvement

  1. Hey, when you get finished with the overalls, can I borrow that book? it looks cute! sounds like your business is paying off! What are you making me for Christmas??? hehe

  2. Yay! Sounds like the house is going to look nice. 🙂 If you guys need any help I’d be glad to help! Did I hear the word Christmas?? And BORG!?!? 😛
    The Ever Silly

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