Felt So Good.

How have you felt today? I’ve felt tired, kinda blah, and clogs.

Yes, you read that right. I felt clogs! Sam’s clogs just came out of the washer and are looking good. You should have seen him squirm when I made him try a warm, wet clog on. I did at least let him have a plastic bag over his foot. I’m not completely cruel.

Here are the clogs, stuffed with plastic bags and drying.




(Max couldn’t help himself, he wanted in the pictures too…)

Once they have dried completely, I will put full suede soles on them. We have pets (if you hadn’t noticed) and they tend to shed. The clogs would soon be completely covered in cat and dog hair. And I know that my darling husband will forget and wear them outside. Better safe than sorry.

I am also finishing up the Vestee for my nephew. I did the short sleeved, shawl collar version in Berroco Cotton Twist color 8330. I don’t remember how many skeins I bought, I’ll have to look it up. I do know that I bought too much. I have at least 1, if not 2 whole skeins in the basket that are untouched and can be recycled at the yarn store for new stash-ness.

The Vestee should be finished by tomorrow. I cast off the collar today and am currently in the process of sewing up the seams. For anyone who knows me, I am seam challenged. It is made with a type of ribbing, so I can kind of cheat on the seams and just make them look like a line of purls.

I also bought the latest “Card Creations” from Paper Crafts magazine. I’m heading up the baby shower for my co-worker and I want to make her hand-made invitations. I have several ideas marked and will be visiting Sugar & Spice Paper Company (my local scrapbooking store) on Saturday to choose my supplies.

I also took Chloe to PetSmart today. They already have their Halloween toys out, so we picked up a new ball.



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