And the World Keeps Spinning

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, but I’m not going to go into all of it. Just the highlights. I give you, the Great Hits of June/July!

June brought about the removal of the Fluffy Haired Boy! He is happily living with his father and I am happily moving back into my craft room. It is slowly coming together. This time, I’m subscribing to the “well organized, less is more” philosophy. My current “pile system” hasn’t been working so well. I must say that so far, it’s turning out beautifully. Well, maybe beautiful isn’t the right word. But it is getting there.

While we were delivering the boy to Eugene, I managed a 45 minute tour of the Black Sheep Gathering. During that 45 minutes I managed to get an extra bobbin for my Fricke wheel. Plus…
A skein of medium weight Socks that Rock in “Metamorphic”


Four ounces of baby alpaca roving from Stick & Stone Fiberarts


And three ounces of 56% mohair, 23% wool, 21% alpaca roving from Bear Dog Yarns & Fibers.


When I got back, my friend Susan (who also made it to BSG) gave me this.


It’s a lovely bag of fiber. We’re planning a play day to get acquainted with it.

July brought on a lovely 4th of July BBQ with my family. Tyler is now 11 months old and says about 8 phrases and has the whole walking thing down (it’s the turning and backing up that he needs to work on). Among his current phrases are “no”, “yes”, “uh oh”, and, my favorite, “auntie”.

On Monday, Sam and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Two years ago on July 9th, 2005, we looked like this.


Our first night as married people was spent at the Flery Manor. This is the most beautiful bed & breakfast I have ever seen. The gourmet breakfasts are delicious, the gardens are beautiful, and there’s a jacuzzi tub in every room. For our two year anniversary, my husband surprised me with reservations at this same BNB. This time we stayed in the Vintage Suite. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on a private patio, gazing out into a beautiful garden, and watching the sunset with the love of your life and a bottle of champagne. If you ever make it to Southern Oregon, treat yourself to the Flery Manor. You won’t regret it.

Then we get back to life.

Tyler’s 1st birthday is the 19th and my sister is throwing a party on the 22nd. I’m not sure what to get him yet, but I know there will be a knitted cupcake included. I am almost finished the pink cupcake for my boss. They’re from Leigh Radford’s book One Skein.

I’m also working on the Mixed Motif Cami from Crochet Today.


It’s coming together, see?

While we’re on the subject of knitting, have you seen Ravelry?! I just got my invite on Monday and all I can say is WOW!!! They’re working through the backlog as fast as they can, so get on the waiting list now! This is the most amazing yarn based application I’ve ever seen. It’s worth the wait!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on Skype with the ladies of the SSK podcast. It’s a great way to meet other fiber addicts and there’s almost always someone on to talk to.

Finally, the weather here has been insane. It has been thundering and lightning for the last 2 days. The strikes have been within one mile of our house and the wind was ripping limbs off the neighbor’s tree. On the upside, we don’t have to water the lawn for a couple of days.

Here is your weekly Chloe (and kitties) for the last three weeks.





One thought on “And the World Keeps Spinning

  1. Wow. . .Yarn. . . . fibers. . . . toooo much!!! 🙂 Just joking. Your project is coming along nicely! Glad you get your craft room back. Which reminds me, when you going to come see my house? ~Jason

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