15 Minutes Behind

I have been 15 minutes behind all day.  I woke up late this morning and then had to take the boy to school and drop the cat off at the vet.  I arrived at work 15 minutes later than I planned and that is the way the day continued.  Plus, it is Wednesday.  Wednesday is the great day o’ meetings.  I have an 11am and a 3pm every Wednesday which puts me even more behind.  If this post is somewhat wonky, it is because I have taken a half an Ambien in an effort to get some sleep and get to work early tomorrow.

I took the cat to the vet today because she needed a shave.  Inara, the almost 2 year old, white cat refuses to be brushed.  She does not like to be petted or brushed like all of the other cats I’ve owned.  Because of this, she had large mats down her sides and belly.  So, with no other choice, she was dropped off to the vet today for a shave.  They also trimmed her toenails and cleaned her butt.  I’m sure she woke up from the anesthetics feeling like she’d been slipped a rufie and someone had had their way with her.  Let me illustrate with pictures.

She went from this.


To this.


How does she feel about her day?   She’s had better.


I think that picture pretty much says it all.  I am sure to awaken to a shredded underwear drawer.


2 thoughts on “15 Minutes Behind

  1. That’s pretty hilarious with your cat. You’re right, she does look funny. I hope your day went better even with the 15 minutes behind.

  2. Your cat is sweet. I have the same problem with my long hair tigers. Fortunately, they let us work out knots and trim them with the electric trimmmers. I also cut their nails pm a regular basis, but have to wrap one of them in a towel and struggle.

    My 7 month old puppy is worse for the nails than the cats ever think of being. He is going soon for neutering soon and will have them trim while knocked out.

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