No Work Monday!

I love no work Mondays. They are wonderful!! Today, Chloe got me up about 9:30am. I got up, finished the project I was working on, and had some breakfast. Then I got a wild hair and cleaned the kitchen and master bathroom. I met my sister at Beauty Oasis at 1pm for hair with Michael. I just got a color wash and cut today. It looks pretty nice. He does great work.

After the hair appointment, we came back to my house for a hot dog BBQ. My nephew (now 10 months old) was the main entertainment.

We played the conga together.


He plays better than I do. But the conga is taller than he is.

It was a fun afternoon/evening.

The other exciting thing today was finishing the project I started last night.

What do you get when you take this:

bag_before.jpg and turn it into this cuttings.jpg?

You get this! (yes, the groceries are still on the table. I needed the bags…)


And then, this.


And finally. You get this.


Now, this needs some explaining. I was feeling a need to crochet, but didn’t feel like doing anything regular. I was flipping through Not Your Mama’s Crochet by Amy Swenson and saw a bag made of out of recycled plastic bags. I thought, “hey, I could do that.” So, I grabbed the bags off the groceries, found my scissors, and went for it. Twenty-one bags and a K hook later, this bag is what I came up with. I didn’t follow a pattern and it got ripped back about 3 times. The handles I had in a box and I think they came out of a clearance bin at a fabric store. I like how the black lettering on the plastic bag made black variegations in the crocheted bag.

I’m not sure what to use the bag for. It’s the right size for a small purse, or possibly a bag lunch. It would also make a great back for gathering sea shells at the beach. Hmm.. maybe we need to take a trip…


One thought on “No Work Monday!

  1. I’m a visitor from the Inspired by Nature KAL. I just wanted to tell you that I love the bag. It’s adorable and could be used for SO many things. It makes me think about knitting with all kinds of material…

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