Cat Poop & Shrubbery

Attractive title, isn’t it? Today has been all about cat poop and shrubbery. Last night, I discovered a new self-cleaning kitty litter box on It showed as available at PetSmart, so I went there this morning and picked one up. It has great reviews and seems to be very easy to use. You roll it almost upside down and then back and a little bit the other way. What happens is, the litter goes through a grate on the side while the clumps separate out. When you roll it back to its correct position, the clumps fall into a little drawer. You can then pull the drawer out and dump the waste. It’s very nifty and certainly smells better. I am, however, going to need the litter catching mat. My kitties tend to track litter everywhere.

Here is the new box.


I bought the large size. It’s the Roll ‘N Clean made by Omega Paw and can be found here.

Here are the kitties of great poop-making.



After my adventure at PetSmart, I stopped by Costco to refill the freezer with food for the Fluffy Haired Boy. I also bought more Ziploc plastic containers. I love these ones. The small screw top (Twist ‘N Lock) version works great for a single serving of leftover spaghetti. Anyway, enough about my food storage preferences. On to the SHRUBBERY!

They were giving a military discount at Home Depot this weekend. So I kidnapped my favorite Marine and took him to Home Depot with me. I bought 3 more Butterscotch Euonymus shrubs to go with the one I already had. Then, I bribed him with food and pumpkin seeds and he planted them for me! When we moved into this house, it had these really ugly, unkempt shrubs with weird pink flowers. The guy next door was nice enough to rip them out for me, but then it looked really ugly and bare. So, I decided to put in shrubs that I like.

Here it is so far.


It still doesn’t look fabulous, but it’s a start. Next week, we will be adding a new layer of bark and another Euonymus closer to the fence. I miscalculated how many I would need. But, for around $5.50 a shrub, they look pretty good and show grow to a good size in not too long. These are nice little shrubs that can be easily shaped and don’t have weird flowers.

Speaking of weird.. I have this weird nerd music gathering going on in my house.


They congregated in DH’s office and soon the Gibson acoustic guitar, the Beato Conga, and the Glockenspiel made their way out to be played. It’s somewhat frightening. I took a picture and then shut the door.

On the Needles:
I am still working on the orange/blue/yellow log cabin and it’s coming along nicely. I’m feeling some crochet urges, so I may be starting something in that area. I’m feeling the need to start something. Project ADD, sigh…

Lastly – the Weekly Chloe Photo.



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