Busy Signal

No pictures on this post, sorry… I’ve been pretty busy this week.  The Fluffy Haired Boy had a concert last night (that he told us about on Tuesday…).  It was a nice, spring, high-school type band concert and he did well.  He’s quite the saxophone player when he wants to be.

Today is Thursday (duh!), which means that tonight is Stitch-In at MYSS.  That will require my entire evening, but at least it is enjoyable.  Tomorrow I will be helping Sam fix a friend’s computer and then watching the three little boys that I take care of every other Friday.

Saturday is a big day.  Not that we’re doing anything spectacular, it’s just a big day.  The DH has agreed to finally clean out the storage unit.  This is a 12×12 unit filled with all of the things he couldn’t/wouldn’t deal with when he’s mother passed away.  I want to stop paying the bill on this unit because it is very expensive and we have a storage shed now.  So, that is how our holiday weekend will begin.

Sunday = BBQ with the family.

Monday = Hair with Michael.  It’s time for a cut and color with my Super Fabulous Hair Guy.


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