Dog on Dog Action in the Park

It’s not what you’re thinking! You have a very dirty mind!! Today was kind of cloudy, so I took Chloe to the dog park. She brought a frisbee, as usual.

There was lots of butt sniffing,


a few scuffles over the toy,


lots of playing


and lots of panting


After the park, I went to see Shrek the Third with the Marine & the Theater Geek. It was *hilarious*. Especially after the day I had yesterday.

Ahh… yesterday. Yesterday I went to the doc because I’d been having abdomen pain. Come to find out, my copper plumbing was dislodged. So, they removed it and I’ll get new plumbing installed in a few weeks. Until then, it’s the plastic life for me. Not the greatest day, but at least I got off of work early. Just to be on the safe side, I did a pregnancy test today.

Drum roll please…


This morning, I got up and made breakfast for the troops (seems to be a Saturday tradition). I have an extra teenager in the house again this weekend. My living room looks like this:


Notice anything fluffy? Maybe with a little lack of hygiene, mismatched socks, and a sugar high? That’s right.. the figures on either side. Fluffy boy downloaded the new Halo 3 Beta on Wednesday night and he’s been playing just about ever since. He takes time out to eat, sleep a little, and go to the bathroom. Other than that, he’s been in that spot on the couch. I’m going to have to wash the slipcover, it’s starting to smell pretty funky.

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten to use the TV in almost 24 hours. So, instead, we’re going to a BBQ at gloin’s house. We get to meet the mysterious lady he’s been seeing and have cooked animal (beef, buffalo, salmon, etc.) at the same time. What could be better?

On the needles:
I’m designing a new log cabin baby blanket. The pink/purple/orange one is done except for the edging, blocking, and backing. The new one is *not* going to be all garter stitch. So far, I’ve gotten the center and first side panel done. This evening I plan to get all three remaining sides finished. Each piece will be a different stitch pattern. I’ll post pictures when it gets a little farther along.


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