Finishing Touches

The socks are done! That’s right socks with an “s”. The pair of Yarn Harlot socks in Plymouth Sockotta is finished and I wore them to work today. Once I locate the card reader again, a picture of the finished socks will be posted.

Speaking of socks, I’ve already cast on the Monkey socks from in “Bearded Iris” from Claudia Hand Paint Yarns. I’ve finished the ribbing and 4 repeats of the lace pattern and I’m *loving* it. It’s turning out really pretty. It’s taking me a little extra time because the fluffy whiteness that is Inara (see the Zoo page) decided to remodel this particular ball of yarn. She has a fondness for wool, alpaca, and other natural fibers. She has expensive taste and has learned the phrase “dead kitty” quite well.

This weekend we painted the guest bathroom. It has gone from grey and dark blue to swiss coffee and pecan sandy. It is so much brighter and cleaner looking. We also replaced the light fixture (yay, dad!). I just need to buy a new shower curtain, put the cupboard doors back on, and paint the door on the inside and it’s DONE! Yay!

In outdoor news, we rearranged the sprinklers this weekend to try and save the sadness that is our back lawn. I arranged them in such a way that the square foot garden is getting watered too. It’s not lazy, it’s efficient. 🙂


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