Teenage Invasion

My house currently has not one, but two teenage boys in it. And these aren’t just any two teenage boys, they are 15 year old, XBox playing, computer nerds. Sigh.. I ordered them pizza and then retreated to the safety of the bedroom. There will not be much sleep on that end of the house tonight, I’m sure.

In other news. SOCKS! I am nearly done with my second sock. I refuse to have Second Sock Syndrome. The socks are in Sockotta from Plymouth Yarns. I’m using color #5613.

The first sock! Started Tuesday May 1st, finished Thursday May 3rd.

Finished Sock

The second sock, still on the needles. Started Thursday May 3rd. I am finished with the gusset and just have a couple of inches to go before I start decreasing for the toe.

Second Sock

I’m actually farther on the second sock than the picture above. I’ve added almost 2 inches to it since the photo was taken.

The pattern is from the Yarn Harlot as seen on DIY Network. I found the pattern here. So far, it is the simplest sock pattern I’ve ever used. I would highly recommend it as a first sock pattern. It is well written and simple to follow.

In other news, I’m up to Episode 17 on the Lime & Violet podcast. I went to their new shop and was going to get the “Janeway” colorway in sock yarn (Star Trek: Voyager rocks!!), but it sold out too fast. I clicked on it, went to buy, and it was gone. I did, however, get a chance to Meeb with Miz V and she was pulling more yarn out of the dye pots. Hopefully I’ll be quick enough next time. I do hope she puts up more Janeway, it was a great color.

Speaking of Lime & Violet, I’m feeling a nagging sock addiction coming on. I am coveting the Mulberry colorway on the Lisa Souza site. When the next payday rolls around, it will be mine! MUHAHAHAH! What will I make with this lovely sock yarn you ask? Why, the Baudelaire socks of course! I blame Lime & Violet. This sudden sock addiction is all their fault!

Another item in the works is dyeing some yarn myself. I stumbled across the Jeannie yarn from Kraemer Textiles. I’m going to ask Sonja, the owner of my LYS Middleford Yarn & Stitchery Shoppe, if she can order me a skein or two.

I’m also planning a trip to Llamas & Llambs tomorrow to look into the local spinning and weaving guild. My wheel and I have not yet become friends and I think I need professional intervention.

All this, plus painting the guest bathroom this weekend. Who needs sleep?


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