Monday, Monday…

It’s definitely Monday.

Unlike my usual Monday, I didn’t ignore my alarm for 15 minutes more than I should have. I made it to work within 5 minutes of 8am and the coffee was already made when I got upstairs. It’s wasn’t a *bad* Monday. It was just a Monday.

I ended up going to the dentist for my bi-yearly cleaning today. I had to cancel my appointment and my hygienist books out 7 – 8 months (she’s that good). So, when they called me with a 3pm appointment, I jumped at the chance. My hygienist is a very sunny woman who talks your ear off and never stops smiling. She’s absolutely great!

On a more yarnish note, Angie is coming along great with her new knitting skills. She’s mastered knit and purl (she likes purl best) as well as the knitted cast on. She’s also learned to do yarn overs and soon will be learning SSK’s and K2Tog’s. She tends to wrap her yarn the wrong way and twist her stitches, but I did that for my first year of knitting, so I don’t fault her.

Speaking of fault, my plants are looking sad today. My two big tomato plants that I put in yesterday are wilty. The rest of the plants look very happy, but those two tall guys are sad. I gave them a bit of extra water today, so hopefully they’ll perk up.

Tomorrow, I need to finish sewing the Penguin together for the fashion show (I kind of forgot about it today..). He just needs to be stuffed and sewn, so I should be able to accomplish that on first break. He should be delivered at lunch time and I’ll pick up another set of #2 DPNs. I want to start the Jaywalker socks from Grumperina.

The Yarn Harlot has a picture of the ones she knitted on her blog and they look really cute. Plus, I’ve got several balls of sock yarn just begging to be something. I might make it out of the new Tofutsies from SWTC that I picked up two weeks ago from my LYS. I don’t remember the colorway that I got, but I believe it’s made up of blues and purples.

Pictures to come of the garden, the penguin, and who knows what else tomorrow (hopefully…).


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