Growing Pains

I’m going to be very sore tomorrow. This morning began with a lot of crap, literally. I mixed up the soil for my square foot garden. It consists of two parts mixed compost, one part chicken manure, and one part steer manure. That’s added to a bag of vermiculite and a half a bag of peat moss. It makes the most awesome, crumbly, friable soil you’ve ever seen. It also makes your back hurt and takes a lot of hard work and sweat to mix. After seeing it in the raised bed though, it’s definitely worth it.

Speaking of the raised bed, I put my plants in today. I have 8 tomato plants (guess what my favorite fruit/veggie is..), 3 pepper plants (Poblana, Aji Dulce, and Holy Mole’), and onions. I also put in marigolds to add color and help keep the pests away. In pots went the scented geraniums (strawberry and orange) and the Lantana in “Confetti”. I also replanted a house plant that needed it. I’m taking some plant starts in to work tomorrow for a co-worker. She’s getting a Creeping Charlie. Matt came over for dinner and planted the herb garden I got from a school fundraiser.

The rest of the day was spent with the family. We went to Costco and then I came home to an ant infestation. They attack about this time every year. This year, they targeted the kitchen. The ant spray was applied and the stove was pulled out and scrubbed behind. I think I got them pretty good, but we’ll see tomorrow. Ants just give me the creepy crawlies.

Tomorrow I need to finish the penguin for Sonja for the fashion show. The yarn shop is going to be at the benefit fashion show at the country club and she wants the penguin I have just about finished for it. It’s one of Debbie Radtke’s patterns from Fiber Trends. If you go here, it’s the first picture in the list on the left. I didn’t give mine the hat and scarf, it’s almost summer after all. I’m currently working on the fish blankie from the new XRX book Knitters Dozen book Babies & Toddlers. My fish are purple and orange with the occasional lime green one. I currently have almost 8 fish done. They work up one or two to an evening depending on how my hands are feeling and how much I can concentrate. I’m working it up in Plymouth Encore worsted. That’s my current favorite yarn for baby blankets. It feels nice, washes well and won’t cost an arm and a leg for something they won’t use for very long. It’s also a great yarn for doing children’s sweaters.

But, it seems that I am beginning to ramble. Perhaps that is my indication that it is time to put the laundry away and go to bed. Stupid laundry…


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