I’ve gotten back to skating in the last month or two, managing to go about every week or so. There are two rinks here, both a bit of a drive.  Gresham Skate World is an older rink, probably built in the 70s or 80s and it has that weird stone coating on the outside that all rinks of that era seem to have. Inside, the rink is lime green with that dark roller rink carpet and the little snack bar with hot dogs and the like. It’s a nice little rink with decent prices (especially with their summer 10 for $10 punch card) and lots of sessions.  It is reminiscent of my now defunct hometown rink, Roller Odyssey. The other rink is at Oaks Amusement Park.  It’s a little pricier, but the cost fits the experience. The rink is hand-pieced hardwood from the early 1900s and has a Wurlitzer pipe organ suspended above the rink, which was installed in the 50s.  I happened to attend on a night with organ music, which is a unique experience. There were people skating waltzes and little kids just trying to keep their feet under them. On the sidelines, an older gentleman swayed and bobbed with songs remembered from his youth.  Everyone, no matter age or background, was having a great time.

All this is to say that the other day, I had my skates out. I had ordered new insoles for them and was putting them in. Rex got really interested in my skates and even tried to wear them. I took his interest and ran with it. We packed up and rushed down to the Gresham rink, where they had clip-on skates in his size (they don’t make roller skates small enough for him yet). He made it over halfway around the big rink, holding my hands, and only fell once. He’s almost fearless on carpet. Needless to say, I ordered him his own set of clip on skates when we got home. If my boy wants to skate, I’ll make it happen.

2014-08-15 16.43.52

For over 20 minutes, he wandered around the house in skates like it was no big deal. He can get up off the floor on his own and doesn’t seem to care if he falls.  He’s wearing the Fisher Price Grow-With-Me 123 Skates. They’re currently in the “Stage 1″ position which locks the front wheels, allowing him to walk instead of roll.  As he gets more confident, we’ll change to the different stages.  As his feet grow, you can lengthen the skates to accommodate shoe sizes up to a toddler 12. At that point, he’ll be more than big enough for regular skates.

2014-08-15 16.47.07

On a side note, I’m looking into new skates. I love my Riedell R3s, but my feet grew enough with pregnancy that they’re just too snug. Because they’re not a real leather, I doubt I can have them stretched.  I changed the way they’re laced, which gave me a bit more room in the toes, but it’s just not enough.  I’m considering a different style of Riedell, but I haven’t decided yet. Anyone have a favorite wide skate boot that they’d recommend?


We got back home yesterday and today I’m hunkered down inside. It’s nearly a triple digit temperature day and I’m just not up for it. In fact, I was in my jammies until after lunch and Rex has spent most of the day naked or nearly so*. I’m in the process of uploading pictures and sorting through them. I’ll try not to bore you with too many vacation photos, but fair warning, a few are coming.


*Rex showed an interest in his little potty today, so he went nude for a bit.

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday, we removed the side from Rex’s crib, turning it into a toddler bed.  We purchased a Gulliver bed from IKEA with the intention that it would eventually be his toddler bed, before he graduated to a regular bed.  After his nap yesterday, we observed him trying to figure out how to climb out of his crib while saying, “open!”  As with everything he does, he tends to give little warning, so we took this as a sign and converted his bed to avoid head trauma.

2014-08-01 19.23.09

He is quite thrilled by this new transition and did quite well going to bed without confinement. Let’s hope the trend continues. I also suspect more toddler-proofing in our future…

Randomly on a Friday

Rex has mastered the word “no”. He uses it at every opportunity.  My formerly compliant child has turned into an opinionated two-year-old and I’m having trouble coping. We’re working on Mama taking lots of deep breaths and Rex saying “yes”.  It’s a process for sure.  In the meantime, he’s making up for his new, uncooperative attitude by being extra cute.

2014-08-01 12.40.05

We took Rex to a Mr. Hoo show in the Woodlawn neighborhood this morning. Afterwards, we wandered down the street and hit up a little coffee shop. I was surprised to see a Jack Rose on the cocktail menu.  It was too early for cocktails, but the coffee was quite good.

2014-08-01 12.15.58

On our way out of the Woodlawn neighborhood, I saw some cool graffiti.  I love the little space ship.

2014-08-01 12.43.53

Also, how the heck is it August?